Frequently Asked Questions


Food with Purpose

1.     What is The Good Co.

·    The Good Co advocate healthy living through mindful eating with honest food.

·      The Good Co. is a destination for delicious yet healthy food for those whose daily life is constantly on the run. The Good Co. products are prepared fresh daily and pre packed in the most convenient way to indulge on the go. 

·      The Good Co focuses on healthy , fast & affordable food which provides delivery services to offices and home around most main areas in Petaling Jaya & Kuala Lumpur. You can order online through



2.     Where is The Good Co. located and which area does The Good Co. delivers to?


·       The Good Co. café is located inside Bon Estates Gallery at 184, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The Good Co. deliver to most main areas in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Check out our delivery areas through


3.     What type of food The Good Co. offers?

·      The Good Co. craft only plant based food with lots of attention to details suited to Malaysian flavorful tastebud yet healthy . Our products are made with superfood and natural healthy ingredient. Thus, we source our plant based ingredients as organic as it can be from the freshest suppliers in town, containing no preservatives, no additives, no artificial colouring, flavoring and no refined sugar.

·      The Good Co. menu  offer salads in a pot, oats jar, artisan sandwiches, smoothie bowls, soups, cold pressed juices, locally roast coffee. The Good Co. also have variety of it’s own made products such as healthy jams, peanut butter and granolas. It's food that's inspired by the founder travels abroad and the art of healthy and clean living.



4.     Why meatless?

·      Our body deserves to be nourished with natural healthy ingredients and detoxed from meat overload. Based on internet research, Malaysia has one of the highest meat consumption in Asia Pacific which represents differently from the healthy living food pyramid guide, that shows half of one’s daily diet should actually consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains.

·      Through The Good Co., you will be able play your part to save the planet for a better environment, love and compassion for animals and do your body a favor to detox by eating healthily. 

5.     Is The Good Co. vegan or vegetarian?

·       The Good Co. products are meatless and mostly plant based. Thus, we are vegan and vegetarian friendly. There are many types of meatless diet and allergy restrictions, hence we try to create products that can be as flexible as can be.

6.     Is The Good Co. halal?

·      The Good Co. is a vegan / vegetarian restaurant and our raw products are from certified halal suppliers. Our kitchen is run by a Muslim chef and we are in the process of applying for an official halal certification.

7.     How The Good Co. started?

·      The idea sparked when the founder of The Good Co. moved back to Malaysia from the United States where healthy food was widely available and she had a difficulty finding healthy food in Malaysia. The founder herself started to be on a full plant based diet after her dad was diagnosed with colon cancer and she saw all this happening around her — people getting sick, putting on weight and generally not being healthy. Hence, The Good Co. started as Malaysia’s first plant based healthy food on the go, that offers salad in a pot, oats jar, artisan sandwiches, smoothie bowls, soups, cold pressed juices and locally roast coffee.


8.     Is The Good Co. related to Bon Estates?

·      Bon Estates is a boutique developer that emphasis their developments with healthy and sustainable living concept. The Good Co. is their healthy lifestyle partner.  .

9.     What is The Good Co.’s mission & goal?

·      The Good Co.’s mission:

o   to fix fast food, which has long been fattening and heavily processed.

o   offer customers foods made with natural, nutritious, sustainable and locally grown ingredients which hopefully to improve everyone's quality of life through healthier living. 


·      The Good Co.’s goal :

o   to make healthy food widely available every where at any time through ordering online and placing as many grab and go kiosks at all high traffic areas such as hospitals, airports and city centres

o   to serve lower-income customers, and has long-term plans to expand to low-income communities. The Good Co. prices its food so that it can compensate its suppliers and employees fairly, and expects nutritious fast food to become more affordable as the healthy food movement grows

o   to supply to schools, aiming to change current Malaysian students lunch break food diet.