Traveling Veggie: Where to Eat in South East Asia?

I’m no vegetarian, but I know its hard being one because most restaurants or cafes don’t have vegetarian options. I know you feel like, “Argh! Why can’t they be considerate towards us vegetarians and at least have an option for us?!” Well, in the past years I personally feel that there have been more and more people turning into vegetarians and vegans and therefore more vegetarian/vegan friendly cafes have been popping up. It’s a whole new hype and lifestyle now. Being in your own city, I’m sure you’ve familiarized with where your favorite go to cafes would be. But what happens when you’re traveling out of your city? You could ask for suggestions from locals, or you could just google it, but google isn’t exactly the most trusted site. Especially since there’s so many results to choose from! Which one are you gonna go for? Well since our founder Levy is a vegetarian herself, these are some of the cafes that she’s suggested you to try out when you’re traveling across South East Asia! Even if you are not on a vegetarian diet, these recommendation is spot on for health freaks as well.