5 Good & Funny Comeback to your Non-Vegetarian Peers

Do you get that stare from your peers when you are going on a clean vegetarian diet? Perhaps getting a little bit of snickering, "Are you eating rabbit food?" and sometimes even feel like you are an outcast when eating with them?


Vegetarian problems ...

Some people get offended when they find out you don’t eat meat.

Latest 2017 Study : Malaysia has the highest obesity prevalence in South East Asia


Fret not! Don’t let these be the barrier to eating clean the vegetarian way. You can use these fun facts to give your peers a great & funny comeback.


1. I don’t get constipated - Everyone knows vegetables and grains are perfect for smooth bowel movement.

2. I am ready to order ! - While everyone else is still deciding whether to have chicken wings or meatballs for appetiser, steak or lobster for main course, I know what the menu has to offer me. Limited option is perfect for a fickle minded person and over ordering won't be in my dictionary.


3. I won’t over eat – Portion controlled. Ever wonder how your peers stuff their faces with all that meat, seafood, carbs, vegetables and dessert in one sitting? Yet, just eating vegetables and grains alone can make you full enough already. Yes, I may get hungry faster but we are really supposed to eat smaller meals in one sitting multiple times a day (usually 5-6 small meals per day). This is better for our body than say, 2 heavy meals a day. Heavy meals tend to also cause overeating and food wastage, which can be attributed to gluttony.

Did you know? Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year gets wasted.


4. I’m a cheap meal date especially if we are going for fine dining - Will you prefer to pay for steak and lobster, or salad and soup? Psssst... a tip for our vegetarian friends - if your meal is too cheap and you are splitting the bill down the middle... and you are feeling Kiasu like the Malaysian that I am because your portion is not worth the bill, feel free to add some truffle shavings. I can guarantee this will break your yummy meter. Cost abit more, but still cheaper than steak or lobster!


5. I FEEL GOOD factor - Don't feel lethargic, guilty, tired nor sleepy after a big meal. In fact, I'm ready to rock and roll to score my work KPIs! Bring it ON!


So, my clean eating vegetarian friends, these are some of my comebacks to my peers. What's yours? Feel free to comment on our Facebook page.