Dates are synonymous to the fasting season as it has been a Muslim tradition to break fast  with  a  few pieces of date before the meal as it is purifyingAfter a whole day of fasting, I am sure you are ready to attack those dishes on the table to fill your grumbling, pitiful stomach.  


HOLD YOUR HORSES and eat a date because it can help prepare the stomach before eating a large meal by activating release of digestive secretions, preventing a stomach ache. Indeed, dates are nutritious, containing various vitamins and minerals, and high in fibre which promotes colon health and helps in regular bowel movements; no more spending hours on the toilet! Even if it’s not fasting month, eating dates for breakfast in the morning is highly advised to maintain health. Here are five healthy different ways to enjoy your dates, especially with a breakfast date (pun highly intended). 

1. Date Milk 

Date milk is not new to a lot of cultures as it is a healthy and delicious beverage. To make date milk, you’ll need 6 Medjool dates and 2 cups of any plant-based milk of your preference. Our favourite is the almond milk as it light and not too sweet to be incorporated with dates. Blend the dates and milk together for a few minutes until consistency is smooth. You may blend together with ice cubes to make a milkshake! 

Photo credits: Go Dairy Free


2. Overnight Oats 

Overnight oats are the easiest breakfast you can ever make especially when you’re on-the-go. Prepare them the night before and you’re ready for the next day. 


  • ½ cup rolled oats 
  • ½ cup low-fat coconut milk (or any plant-based milk) 
  • 1 diced kiwi 
  • 4 chopped Medjool dates 
  • 2 tablespoons chopped cashews 
  • ¼ cup plain Greek yoghurt 


In a 16-ounce jar, add oats and milk then layer with kiwi and dates. Top off with yoghurt and chopped cashews. Store in refrigerator overnight and enjoy the next morning. 

If you’re new to overnight oats, why not come over to our store or order online on our very own Mindful jar which also contain Medjool dates. 

Photo credits: The Good Co.


3. Vegan Date Brownies 

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice all your guilty pleasures. Thus, we present to you, RAW VEGAN DATE BROWNIES which are oh-so-decadent. This recipe requires no baking and all the ingredients are easily found in your supermarket which means it’s much easier to make! Head over to NO-BAKE VEGAN BROWNIES WITH CHOCOLATE GANACHE for the full recipe and directions. 

Photo credits: Food52


4. Vegetarian Crepes

Dessert for breakfast? Bring it on! Crepes are a staple for tourists whenever they come to Paris because the French really know how to make their crepes. However, you do not have to break a buck just to get good crepes as you can make some just as good at home. Food Fiasco came up with a recipe for amazing, healthy crepes. We recommend putting goat’s cheese, chopped Medjool dates and walnuts for toppings. Add honey for that extra sweetness! 

Photo credits: Hall Nesting


5. Date Smoothie 

Smoothies have become the ultimate versatile health food as it can be a satisfying drink or transfer it into a bowl and it becomes a hearty ‘dish’. Medjool dates is an incredible ingredient to put in your smoothie as it is packed with nutrients and sweet enough to substitute your table sugar or syrup. Meatless Monday has a really great Banana Date Smoothie recipe which includes all the nutritional value you want to know. 

Photo credits: Food52

There you have it! Amazing ways to enjoy dates whenever you feel like having a nice treat. Whether you're having dates alone or with your date, rest assured it'll be supremely nutritious.