5 Ways to Keep you Vitalized throughout Ramadhan

The month of Ramadhan can be challenging to anyone who is fasting especially in Malaysia as the weather is hot and humid. Nonetheless, there is no excuse for anyone to slack on work during Ramadhan just because of these circumstances so we have come to the rescue with a few ways to sustain your energy, from Sahur until Iftar. These are healthy and meatless ways to enjoy breaking fast before starting your day. 

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1. Meal Replacement Shakes 

Some people are not able to eat heavily in the wee hours of the day, so meal replacement shakes are an excellent alternative to a full meal. Meal replacement shakes are better than protein shakes in the sense that there are added vitamins and minerals to fulfil your body’s requirements. There are a variety of meal replacement shakes flavours out there which still have enough added nutrients and calories to support you throughout the day.  

2. Grass Jelly 

Grass jelly or cincau is an ingredient that we normally do not see as healthy. Then, those are the canned and processed types that we should evidently avoid. Natural grass jelly contains compounds such as polyphenols, flavonoids and alkaloids which have anti-inflammatory properties and it also contains vitamin C which serves as an antioxidant. We recommend opting for homemade ones from your nearest market vendor or even make one yourself. It’s refreshing to mix with any plant-based milk of your preference. We choose to pair grass jelly with almond milk for a delicious, light drink for Sahur. 

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3. Overnight oats 

There are different types of oats that are available in the market such as rolled oats, steel-cut oats and oat bran. Whichever oats you choose, rest assured you’ll be getting at least 5 grams of fibre with every ½ cup consumed. Oats contain beta glucan which is able to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (the BAD cholesterol) levels in the blood and in turn reduces your risk of coronary artery disease. Simply mix oats and any plant-based milk or yoghurt in a jar and layer with your favourite fruits the night before to enjoy during Sahur. The Good Co. has several overnight oats in a jar to offer such as the Mindful Jar and Soul Jar that are wholesome so pop in and give it a try!

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4. Granola instead of cereal 

Sometimes cereals are the easiest to eat during breakfast, but have you ever seen the labels on them? They’re loaded with sugar and other preservatives which leads to an unhealthy consumption of ‘fuel’ to start your day. That is why we recommend switching to granola to have with milk instead of cereal. Not only granola is high in fibre to help acquire a healthy bowel movement, but it has other ingredients such as dried fruits and nuts which increases the nutritional value. There are many different ingredients you can have in your granola and it all depends to your preference and health consumption goal. We have three different honest granolas in store that you can purchase and try out today. 

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5. Yoghurt 

Last but not least, the easiest food to eat when you’re waking up at the crack of dawn and need a refreshing start to your day; YOGHURT! Yoghurt can be healthy if you know which one to get. We recommend plain yoghurt or plain Greek yoghurt if you’re not used to the sourness because these do not have added sugars in them. Plain yoghurt contains at least 100mg of calcium per 100g of serving and are full of probiotics which helps to maintain a healthy microbiotic environment of your gut, improving digestion and absorption of nutrients in the bodyYou can add your own fruit or nut toppings and honey or maple syrup for sweetness. 


Now that you know how to prepare hearty 'meals' for Sahur, the time during fasting will not feel like it's slow ever again!