Carob: Chocolate's Not-So-Famous Brother



Unless you've been keeping up with the whole health craze, you might not know what in the world carob is. To fill you in on this new information, carob could be chocolate's brother but he's on this trendy, healthy weight loss diet. They both come from pulps that grow on trees and they're the exact same in color. They also come in an almost similar form (powder, chips) but they differ completely in taste. Carob comes from a pod that grows on the carob tree which can mainly be found in the Mediterranean. The pods that are ripe have a sweet pulp that will be dried, roasted, and then grinded into powder form or made into something similar like chocolate chips to be sold in stores.

Many have the misconception that chocolate is good for you, but the only chocolate that is good for you is actually dark chocolate and not super-sweet-filled-with-sugar-and-fats-chocolate. I'm pretty sure we've all read somewhere that chocolates release neurotransmitters that make you automatically happy, and these neurotransmitters are - endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. However, a lot of chocolate products nowadays include loads of sugar, loads of milk, which directly translates to fat. Even the dark chocolate which they say is "purely dark chocolate" has sugar added into it because well, who likes bitter tasting munchies? Good thing about carob though is that carob is naturally less bitter than chocolate, it's naturally sweetened already! Yay!


Here's a side by side comparison so you'd have a better idea if the differences between the two:


With this new information, you can now confidently make a smarter and better choice on what you decide to ear!