DIY Unicorn Toast with Natural Ingredients

This health trend of unicorn everything-you name it, from the famous Starbucks drink, ice cream and sushi- is so hyped up on every social media platform that we were intrigued to see what the hype is all about. The unicorn toast was made popular and curated by Miami food stylist and photographer, Adeline Waugh, who runs a popular blog called Vibrant & Pure. If you search for the hashtag #unicorntoast on Instagram-there's a myriad of different toast creations. 


So, here is an easy step by step tutorial on how to make your very own beautiful toast creation in the comfort of your kitchen. 

Unicorn Toast Flatlay
Teddy Bear & Fish Unicorn Toast

Creating the colourful cream cheese, you will need... cream cheese of course. You have the option to use artificial food colouring but this recipe is based on natural food dyes made from plants, fruits & spices. 



- Mix 1 teaspoon of beet root juice with the cream cheese 

- Add more, if you want a bright hot pink. The best way is to add little by little to reach the desired colour. 

- Benefits of beetroot juice: Lowers blood pressure and high in fibre 



- Mix turmeric powder with the cream cheese 

- Be careful with this, as turmeric powder is bitter so add the littlest amount 

- Benefits of turmeric: It's a natural anti-inflammatory compound



- Add chlorophyll 

- Benefits of chlorophyll includes; promoting digestive health and helps fight cancer as it cleanses the liver



- Add blue pea flower into a glass of water 

- Add a few drops of blue pea flower into the cream cheese 

- If blue pea flower is not easily and readily available, you can substitute it with spirulina powder 

- Benefits of spirulina: It boosts energy and it's a great source of protein


Once you're done mixing your dyes in separate containers, start painting your toast with a butter knife. It's best to let your toast cool off by it's own before adding the cream cheese. It enables easier application on your part. When you use a different colour, remember to wipe your butter knife clean so the colours won't mix. The design is up to you so let your creativity flow~ Add some sliced fruits to decorate your toast. We chopped up bananas and strawberries and added blueberries to create our teddy bear and fish unicorn toast :) 

We wouldn't say that this breakfast trend is the most easiest thing to make in the morning, especially when you're rushing out of the door. But, it's a nice change once in a while over the weekend. It's a great way to relieve stress and a great outlet for kids to unleash their creative side. And a plus, to add some extra health benefits in their breakfast without them knowing, wink wink. Ordinary people call this toast but we magical people, call this ART! Click the Youtube video below, to see our very magical GIF :)