Dojo KL X MissMafia

On 7th July, a beautiful Saturday morning, Dojo KL held an event in collaboration with Miss Mafia called Real Talk. It is an event specially curated to empower women with several pop-up booths on the side. Among participating vendors were Tiny Forest, Ana.Tomy, Amazing Graze and The Good Co. 

The Good Co. came to the event fully prepared with delicious vegetarian and vegan food, also providing complimentary refreshing juice shots and mini oats jars. All yummy and cute-looking! 

A pleasant surprise was when we found out Yuna was in the house! She came to check out the event and say a few words to the morning attendees. Nobody thought she would come but she did anyway, and everyone was excited a successful, internationally renowned artist came to grace the floor. We were all honoured to have met her in person. 

Moving on to the event flow, it started with a morning yoga session by Kylie Denis followed by a mat pilates session by Jay Jamiliyana. These exercises incorporate the mind and body for a perfect harmony of strength, flexibility and inner peace. The event continued with several panel talks by successful women such as Diane Chia of GuavaPass, Jaclyn Chan of lululemon, Jenn Chia and Maybelline Wong, women of the entertainment and arts field. These women hustled to nurture their businesses and empower communities and themselves. In these sessions, attendees were able to get to know them more personally and the motivation that got them to be who they are today.  

Sometimes women are intimidated to go out there and make a name for themselves especially in this dog eat dog world. As a lady myself, it certainly makes me anxious to step out of my comfort zone and do whatever the heck I want, to prove that I am capable of anything I dream to be. Listening to successful women, their stories, hardships and ways to get back up really gives empowerment and assurance that we can also be successful and be content with ourselves. 

The event was such a fulfilling one as women all went back home with their stomachs and hearts full, motivated to be successful. Women are here, and we are the future!