Get Fit With Me

On 25th of July, a small event was held in The Good Co.  in collaboration with Lorna Jane and Thermomix. The purpose of the event was to bring together people who are into fitness and healthy eating for a fun afternoon together. However busy life can be, we should always find time to exercise to be healthy and fit for a good life.

The event started with a cooking demonstration using a Thermomix machine. With this machine, cooking requires minimal utensils and food prep which is great for people who don’t really have time for elaborate cooking or are tired after a long day at work. You can make many different things with the Thermomix such as drinks, pasta dough, stir-fry, soup and many more. A total life saviour when you want to be quick and, on the go, while staying healthy and balanced.

The afternoon continued with a short, sweat session by Willy Tan from Willy Tan Fitness. Started off with stretches to warm up and prevent injuries then went ahead with some squats and jumping jacks for a quick, effective cardio.

The event finished off with an introduction to Lorna Jane active wear such as sports bra, tank tops and yoga pants. Lorna Jane is a sports clothing line that is made by women for women which is an amazing feat that can assure comfort and functionality in sportswear.

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