For Malaysians, Nasi Lemak is comfort food and represent the taste of home. Whenever a tourist ask "What is a signature Malaysian dish?", we would most likely answer "Nasi Lemak". But, do we really know how many calories and saturated fats are being consumed in our iconic dish?

Here are some fun facts to compare two variations of Nasi Lemak - a regular packet of Nasi Lemak from your local mamak and a healthier version:


As with all delicious food, Nasi Lemak should be consumed in moderation to keep the healthy balance in your diet in check. But if you really love Nasi Lemak, opt for the healthier version. The Good Co. has many variations of Healthy Nasi Lemak, with the latest being Nasi Lemak Beckham - a dish specially curated for AIA Global Ambassador, David Beckham, during his visit to Malaysia as part of AIA Vitality's Healthy Nasi Lemak Challenge.

The winning dish of this Healthy Nasi Lemak Challenge is available for all at The Good Co. Café and online orders at


This Friday, football legend David Beckham set foot in Malaysia as AIA's Global Ambassador as part of AIA Vitality's #HealthyLifestyleTour and their #WhatsYourWhy campaign. And part of this campaign is to advocate healthy eating, where AIA Malaysia chose to run a Healthy Nasi Lemak Challenge. Three companies, The Good Co., DahMakan and Meal-in-a-Box were shortlisted to showcase their Healthy Nasi Lemak creation for this campaign.


When The Good Co.'s Healthy Nasi Lemak was shortlisted, the entire team was absolutely ecstatic and was really fired up. Our Chef and Kitchen team started innovating and produced an even yummier Healthy Nasi Lemak especially for this event. In conjunction with David Beckham as one of the judges to taste our Nasi Lemak, we decided to name this second version Nasi Lemak Beckham.


During the event, all three participating food companies got excellent reviews and feedbacks from the judges. David Beckham shared his experience and his role as part of AIA Vitality while giving us a better idea of what being healthy was all about. During the award presentation ceremony, The Good Co. was presented with an AIA football with David Beckham's Signature for our healthy creation. In exchange, we presented David Beckham with a caricature of himself enjoying Malaysia's iconic dish. It was an exciting moment for everyone; even our co-founder, Gavin Li got a hug from the legend himself. 


After the ceremony, it was time for all the invited guests to try our Nasi Lemak and boy were they gone so quickly! 50 meals went out within 10 minutes.


Here are some guests enjoying Nasi Lemak Beckham.

The entire event and the achievement to spread the healthy eating and healthy living awareness was a great success. This collaboration between AIA and The Good Co. further strengthen the healthy lifestyle movement and we were very happy to witness more people embracing our philosophies. David Beckham is one of them who practices and advocates healthy eating and living to his own benefit and also for the people around him.


Join the movement today; you will not regret it.