Host The Best Christmas Party This Year (Healthily)

We’ve made this super easy for you; cutting it down to 5 steps to planning the best vegetarian Chrsitmas party ever. If you’d like to go vegan, we've got some stuff listed out for you as well, and even if you're neither vegetarian nor vegan,  may we suggest a super duper healthy Christmas party to try out this year? 


1. Plan the theme of your party.


A good, organized party always begins with a theme! It could be colour-coded, movie-themed, anything you like! Get creative. This is a helpful base for you to plan every part of your party, including your menu. You never know what fun options you can play around with, as there are never any rules to planning a party theme.


2.  Make it a Pot Luck party!


Create a group chat where everyone can be a part of so that everyone can play a role in planning the party. This way, you get to split the cost of the party amongst your guests and you get to have a taste of everyone’s best dishes!


3. Plan your menu.

It is always helpful to have a menu outline or idea even if you would be planning the party with your guests. So here’s a guideline of what to have with some menu item suggestions:



Always start with something appetizing and light on the tummy. Opt for something simple to prepare and easy to eat. Bruschettas or a yummy vegan tortilla chip dip are your winners. Try a vegan Hummus dip on for size!

Check out this link to this vegetarian Mouth Watering Stuffed Mushrooms recipe



No Christmas dinner is complete without some stuffing. Take a look at One Green Planet’s scrumptious selection of recipes to try!

Side Dishes and Roasts


You have got to have some roasts. We’ve found that Jamie Oliver has some interesting recipes and food items you may want to include as side dishes or a main at your Christmas party. We’re sure it would be quite a treat! Click here!!


This one is dedicated to all the sweet teeth out there. This one shouldn’t be too difficult, as everyone loves desserts. Try out some Beetroot Red Velvet cupcakes here and dress them up to the theme of your party or simply give it a Christmas facelift to finish! Or, if you’d like more options and inspirations for desserts at your party, here’s a link by Food Network that we love!



It’s all about good health, when it comes to a vegetarian party, so remember to keep your drinks fun and healthy. However, if you’d like to secretly throw in some wine or champagne this time round, we promise not to tell. Try out some sparkling fruit sodas or iced teas you could make on your own.

Here’s a recipe on how to make your own fruit-based syrups. You can always switch up the fruits as you wish!


4.  Throw in some before and after dinner snacks.


It will be handy to keep a snack or two prepared so that your guests will always have something to munch on if dinner isn’t ready yet, or even something to bite on between events. You never know when someone’s gonna have the munchies, so have some stuff prepared just in case, so that you don’t have to do any last minute scrambling. Some great options are vegetable sticks and dips, popcorn, or you could try out some sweet potato chips! Here’s a recipe to try.


5. Throw in some traditional Party Games.


Trust us when we say the best memories are yet to be made when party games come into the equation. The options are countless - Christmas Carol Pictionary, Charades, Musical chairs, and the list goes on. You can never be too old to play party games.


6. Play Christmas songs.


Its never quite Christmas until you’ve got some carols playing in the background. It could always be a mix of various genres of Christmas tunes, or you could stick to everyone’s favorite, Michael Buble.


7. Create a Photo Booth.


It always means so much to capture the best memories, if you have the time, you could look up Christmas-inspired photo booths to create in the comfort of your home. Otherwise, utilize that Christmas tree you’ve put up or find a corner in your house that is well lit and serves a good spot for photo-taking.


8. Make Party Favors.


If you’re into crafts, this is going to be a really fun one for you, so get crafty! Repack your favorite granolas, into little pouches and personalize them with a gift tag on each pouch. To make your choice of granolas really special, opt for artisan granolas. Try out The Good Co.’s Christmas granolas in The Gingerman flavor.


9. Gift Exchange


Christmas IS the season for gifting, so make this one fun. Secret Santa is our favourite Christmas game to play, so definitely, definitely include this in your line-up of events! If you’re new to the game, here’s how!


10. Make it Eco Friendly


It's important to think about your health but don’t forget about the environment too. An average household produces about 20 pounds of waste a year, so opt to use reusable tableware and utensils. You also could encourage your friends to bring along their own reusable food containers to take away any leftovers if desired so that food is not wasted.