Increase Your Cheese Knowledge!


There are a lot of things we should know about and cheese is one of those things. Why you may ask? Umm... because they’re the best thing that ever existed of course! Sandwich too boring? Add cheese! Chips too dry? Add cheese! Pasta too bland? ADD CHEESE! You get it now?


You don’t say! Of course putting cheese on everything is too much. Everything on everything in large portions is too much. That’s why I’m just saying all that to visualise how much of a big deal cheese can be to certain people and certain cultures. Point being, consume in moderation and you’re good to go on your way.

Now that that’s being cleared, we shall move to the interesting part. The many types of cheeses. There are hundreds, maybe thousands out there so I’m only going to tell you my top 5. Before we move on to that, there’s an introduction that you need to go through.


There are two main types of cheeses. They are soft cheeses and hard cheeses. Soft cheese is not aged long or at all, usually made with acids. Hard cheese is made with rennet (curdled milk) and ripened by natural bacteria or mould.

Now let’s get to more important things. The actual cheeses. I’ve listed down five in the infographic along with an explanation of their origin, how they’re made and taste. Some of these may not be easily available in Malaysia because Malaysian delicacies don’t use cheese as a star ingredient, also because a lot of people are lactose intolerant. However, in western cuisines, cheese is heavily used such as pasta, sandwiches, tacos and so much more. Here goes!

Interesting, aren’t they? Here’s something better. Eating cheese actually has benefits! Cheese is high in calcium, so they are really good for strong bones and teeth. They are also packed with protein that is essential for muscle repair and building. Cheese contain butyrate, a compound which can help boost metabolism.

Sounds amazing!

Well yeah! That’s what I have been trying to tell you. But hold up. Just because they are beneficial, doesn’t mean you can scarf down a bag of cheese. To reiterate, consume in moderation so you can get the benefits while enjoying the dish. Okay?

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