International Women's Day

The Good Co. would like to wish all women a Happy International Women's Day, and on this special day, we will take a look at our very own creative and hardworking founder of The Good Co. Bangsar, Levy Li Su Lin. 

In this modern era of gender equality and opportunity, women are thriving in their own rights in every manner but economists and academics still find that women entrepreneurs are an under-tapped force within our society. An empowering entrepreneur, Levy proves to be one who falls under this category and shares her journey from a Miss Universe beauty pageant during her college years to becoming a wife, mother and then pursuing her passion in healthy eating through entrepreneurship. 

The idea of healthy eating and starting a plant-based healthy fast food began five years ago, after a traumatic experience when her father lost his life due to an aggressive cancer in his colon.

With access to health experts and professors in University while studying in the US, Levy dug deep into the cause of her father's disease and all evidence pointed towards the direction of unhealthy diet.

That was the start of her passion and believe in healthy plant-based diet, and the eventual formation of The Good Co. 

With the celebration of this special day, we further reveal Levy's compelling story through a short Q&A with her:


1. What is the biggest obstacle you faced when building a niche market brand such as The Good Co.

The idea for The Good Co. has been in incubation for over 5 years when I found a lack of variety in healthy plant-based food upon returning home from the US. Over there (US), I was so spoilt for choices and I had so much difficulty maintaining a healthy vegetarian diet back here, which resulted in many home-cooked meals on my own. That started my intimate relationship with my kitchen and creation of recipes which started The Good Co.

Back to the question - back then (5 years ago), the Malaysian market was not near ready for the acceptance of my plant-based recipes. Today, with the growing education in fitness and wellness, people are starting to be more open and willing to give it a try. 

Nonetheless, the market is still in its infancy and will take time to mature. This is our biggest obstacle but we are commited to advocating healthy lifestyle through healthy eating, so Malaysia's eating culture can be improved; one bite at a time. 


2. So is Malaysia’s existing eating culture considered unhealthy?

Well, when you look at our local Malay, Chinese & Indian cuisine such as Nasi Lemak, Char Koay Teow, Roti Canai, it is no doubt delicious and represent the taste of Malaysia. Eating these once in a while is OK, but we all know we will not grow healthier eating these food everyday as your staple diet. 

The habit of most Malaysians is to eat healthy once in a blue moon, and eat unhealthy every other day. But that should be the opposite! And that is what The Good Co. is trying to advocate and educate. Thus, our products are made and packed for grab and go convenience while being affordable – about 20% cheaper compared to other establishments.

3. How do you juggle between your roles as a daughter, wife, mother and entrepreneur?

I always felt women are gifted with the ability to multitask. The key to an organised multitask is prioritizing. Then make a plan or schedule, and find the right balance to make sure everyone and everything important to me gets my attention.

Of course there are some sacrifices made, where sleep and leisure time is compromised. But right now, there is no bigger fulfilment than doing what I'm doing now - things which I love and am passionate about.  


4. How do you stay fit? Any tips on staying fit?

Exercising and eating clean. I do not stop doing things I enjoy and exercising regularly is one of them. With The Good Co. established, I can easily get the meals that I want every single day.


5. What is your advice to women out there who want to start their business or be an entrepreneur?

No matter which stage in life you are at, entrepreneurship is definitely a challenge. Always keep your head high and never let any excuse to stop you from doing what you are passionate about. Keep challenging yourself to improve and your dreams and goals will eventually be achieved. 


6. What is one quote that you live by? 

Never limit yourself to the imagination of others. Live with your own purpose, walk with pride, and you will be pursued by greater opportunities.Not to forget, always have fun doing anything.