Locks of Hope x 176 Avenue Hair Donation Campaign

The Locks of Hope association is an association that collects donated hair to make wigs for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment can sometimes be very traumatizing to its victims. Especially women and children face this issue, and Locks of Hope hopes to help them regain their confidence while they wait for their hair to grow back.


The Good Co. wanted to be a part of this movement and joined in on the collaborated with Locks of Hope and 176 Avenue for a Hair Donation Campaign.


The campaign collaboration allowed donors to receive a free hair cut at 176 Avenue. The donated hair was required to be at least 6 inches long, washed, dried and to be without any styling products. Donors would then be given a zip lock bag to have their hair sealed and brought to The Good Co. café. Each donor was given a free cold-pressed juice upon presentation of his or her donated locks. Levy herself grew out her hair and donated it to the movement. The Good Co. also donated 10% of their sales made during the entire duration of the campaign to the Locks of Hope NGO.


Although the campaign collaboration is no longer in place, Locks of Hope still receives hair donations. For those who are in need of wigs due to medical reasons for hair loss, Locks of Hope will be happy to provide them as well. Do check out their website for more info.