Low Impact Workouts to Save Your Joints


Hi folks! Back again with more exercise ideas! Give your body a break from high impact exercises like running, dancing or sports. Basically, any exercise that requires you to pound the ground. Treat your joints to a heart-pumping workout without much risk of injuries. Here are FOUR workouts you can try when you start feeling your age through your knees, at the comfort of your home, the gym or any fitness centre.


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Yoga is an ancient practice the focuses on finding peace through the mind with body flow. There are different types of yoga namely Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinsaya and many more. You will be constantly pushing, lifting and balancing your own body weight so it is considered a slow-paced, low impact cardio that improves your range of motion without ruling out strength and balance.


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Pilates is similar to yoga but works the entire body in addition to mind. Sometimes additional appliances and machines are used. Pilates focuses on the core of the body and presents flexibility and strength, resulting in stronger and leaner muscles.


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Kegels is an exercise to strengthen your pelvic floor and has been picking up pace in interest among health goers lately. The pelvic floor supports the bladder, bowels and the womb for women as pelvic muscles keep them in place. It is essentially the act of clenching and unclenching your pelvic muscles which can be done in the comfort of your home and practically anywhere.


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Swimming is technically the ultimate low impact workout as you’ll have to work your muscles while maintaining your own buoyancy. Swimming slims and tones the whole body since all the muscle groups are used. It has tons of benefits including strengthening your shoulders and improving lung function.

If your joints hurt or your pelvic floor is weakened, it does not mean you should stop working out altogether! There is always a way when you have the will and you should always try to stay fit in order to have a good life. But you’re already an active member of the gym and go running every day? Well like I said, nothing is wrong with giving your joints a break with low-impact exercises. It will still bring you fitness benefits one way or another.