Malaysian Version of "Losing Weight"

"Do you wanna eat? No thanks. Diet.” Heard of that before? I’m sure you have. That’s exactly how a typical Malaysian plan on losing some of their fat. Its either they skip meals or just don’t eat at all and when someone eats on time where the food is well balanced, they will be like”oh my god you eat a lot”. What most of them do is eat something that’s unhealthy in between lunch and dinner. They will go on and eat all those oily stuff like mee goreng and pisang goreng and claim that they don’t eat much nowadays. 

For them, when you do not consume rice it’s considered that you are on diet. Those amount of oil that has been reuse again and again with the salt you take has way more calories and fats than what you’ve taken for breakfast, lunch and dinner put together.  Losing weight is not about skipping meals or don’t eat at all, it’s about creating the perfect balance between eating the right food with the right intake and of course part of it is to start burning up your fats by exercising.

On 18th of March 2017, a yoga marathon was held at Encorp Strand Mall located at Kota Damansara hosted by Inspired Yoga and The Good Co participated by selling and promoting healthy food as we believe that those who were present at the event were quite concerned about what they feed their stomach.

Food and exercise comes in a package. No matter how healthy your food is, if you don’t exercise, then there’s no point because you are not burning them out of you. Yoga is one of the longest and oldest existing exercise/therapy in the world. It builds your muscle strength, perfects your posture, better the health of your bone and increase blood flow. Yes there are many other benefits as well but I’m not gonna list out all of them. It’s kinda odd that some people think that yoga is for the “old people” or for those who are lazy.   

But if you have ever experienced doing them, then you will realize that it’s way more tiring than running on a treadmill. This is because yoga concentrates on perfecting every part of your body in one go. They twist, turn and stretches you in a very complex working out system that does not requires any kind of tools or equipment. Just yourself!! It can be even easily done at home by just browsing through Youtube videos and guide yourself through them.


What a day it was - so much energy!

A balanced food must or should at least consists of all levels in the food pyramid. If you practiced yourself in accordance, there is a high chance that you will lose the extra weight that you wished for without having to cut off your meals. Healthy food does not necessarily have to be boring if you are creative enough like what we and our team has put off here in our very own cafe.

You are definitely not going to die if you don’t consume meat for a couple of days or may be even for the rest of your life. So what are you waiting for? Start the right way for dieting and go find some time to do some yoga and sweat yourself till your last breath.