Pamper Yourself This Christmas!

It’s finally the time of the year where gifting is actually a tradition! However, sometimes the most important gifts are the ones that you give yourself. If you haven’t got too much of a hectic holiday going for you, its about time you kick back and treat yourself. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to do it!


1. Buy Yourself A Gift
2. Indulge In An All-Over Spa
If you like, you could look out for the salons you’ve always wanted to try out – perhaps for a facial, a spa session, a mani-pedi or some TLC for your locks. If you’d like to give yourself a break from heading out, look out for some DIY recipes for natural remedies for a good hot bath soak, a face or hair mask you could find online simply with the use of ingredients from your kitchen. Take the time to slap on your favorite shade of nail varnish, or even try out an entire mani-pedi routine at home. There are countless ways to give yourself some damned good spoiling. Look it up online, the possibilities are endless
3. Read a Book / Watch a Good Movie
How often do you get the time to spoil yourself with time for a good book or a movie? You may have bought yourself lots of really good books and never really had the time to read it, or if you’re not the reading type, you may have a list of movies you just haven’t found the time to watch. Now’s the time!!
4. Go For A Run
Seriously, go for a run. It’s good for you. In fact, if you want to give yourself a feel-good day, do this with a mate in the morning, and follow with a hearty and clean brunch, and a pamper session (as mentioned in point no.2). Doing this alone is just as much. Promise!
5. Do Nothing
The title itself is self-explanatory. Its probably not everyday that you have the freedom to relax and do nothing. Put on your comfiest clothes, sit back and relax, maybe with some good music in the background and take a deep dive into your sea of thoughts.