TGC Honest Tea CALM



TGC Honest Tea CALM is an organic blue tea infused with local aroma therapy flavors such as lemon grass and pandan with a hint of sweet rose fragrant.
The unique part of this blue tea is that it changes colour! The natural blue hue comes from the butterfly pea flower and when an acidic ingredient (such as lemon, lime or honey) is added to the tea, it magically transform into a vivid purple colour! 


Butterfly Pea | Lemongrass | Pandan | French Rose Bud

How to enjoy:

Mix 1 tbsp of TGC Honest Tea CALM into 400ml of hot water. Wait for 5 mins and you get blue tea. Throw in a slice of lemon and a dash of honey to turn it into a vivid purple tea! Can be served hot or chilled.

1 tbsp | 400ml | 100°C | 3-5min | 1-2 brews


Anytime, as it does not contains caffeine.

What does it do for me?


•   Stress Reliever

•   Lower Blood Pressure

•   Restore skin with COLLAGEN for SKIN ELASTICITY.

•   Promotes CIRCULATION to EYES.

•   Stimulates scalp for HEALTHY HAIR.


Rich in antioxidants. It also has medicinal benefits, which includes anti depression, anti inflammatory, and anti cancer properties. Its consumption is useful for improved vision as the anthocyanins promote blood circulation helping the eyes adjust to changes in light conditions. Also, it could be an excellent preventive aid for cataracts, retinal damage, and eye infections. The blue concentrate also promotes healthy hair growth.  
Contains anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Helps with digestive tract spasms, stomachaches lower blood pressure, achy joints and the common cold.
Rich in polyphenols (a group of antioxidant compounds derived from plants) to protect our cells and reduce inflammation. Help to relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps. High in Vitamin C which is a natural source of antioxidants. Supports your immune system and aids in production of collagen for the skin. 
The natural oils found in rose petals are known for their therapeutic and soothing benefits, used to treat health conditions and used in natural beauty treatments for thousands of years.
  • As a Detoxing Agent

It is not a secret anymore that your body contains toxins. Even though your liver is in charge of toxins remover but the works of liver can down if you don’t maintain your diet. You can use pandan leaf concurrently as a detoxing agent. It can detox both your liver and your body from unhealthy substance or toxins.
  • Combat anxiety and stress

Drink 2 or 3 cups pandan tea a day will help your anxiety and stress problem.
  • Anti-carcinogenic Properties

Another amazing benefit of pandan leaves is anti-cancer. It can counteract the effect of toxins and inhibits cancer cell development. It said that pandan leaf tea can also heal some type of cancer.
  • Pain relief

Health benefits of pandan leaves also very potent for pain relief. Pandan leaves contain laxative properties that can act as a pain reliever from headache, ear pain, chest pain, and arthritis.