TGC x Sulwhasoo Malaysia


Recently, The Good Co. teamed up with Sulwhasoo Malaysia for the launch of their newest line of Ginseng products in a week-long event called The 5 Senses of Holistic Ginseng Experience that was held at Centre Court, Pavillion. The event went on for a whole week beginning from Monday the 21st of August till Sunday the 27th of August.

In line with the event's theme, The Good Co. specially curated some exquisite Ginseng-infused canapes. Typically, Ginseng is cooked with traditional Asian recipe dishes like Ginseng Tea or Chicken Ginseng Soup. But we decided to fusion-ise it to provide a whole new experience and taste to Ginseng recipes. For those who are keen to try these special event only recipe, our Masterchef recently shared them in this post.


Tish Events provided a pretty sweet food bar set up where we displayed our canapes. Other than the attractive food bar, Sulwhasoo erected a Holistic Ginseng Digital Art Installation which consist of a dark room with visual, audio and smell projections. A 360˚ visual animation with soothing sounds and ginseng scent provided a very mesmerizing experience for the customers.


The whole Ginseng-themed experience was further enhanced with workshops that were held throughout the entire week. There was an Image Anti-Aging workshop where Sulwhasoo's professional makeup artist demonstrated how to properly apply their products, a Korean Knot Making Workshop and last but not least, The Good Co.'s Ginseng Recipe Masterclass - conducted by founder Levy Li, where participants were guided to create their own Overnight Ginseng Oats Jar.


The whole event was a huge success and everyone who participated in it had a blast. Check out the video for a quick recap of the event!