TGC x The BLOC Party 2017


If you weren't bombarded with our social media blasting, you wouldn't have known what The Good Co. was up to, let's cast our memories back to last weekend's doings and activities. Blessed with good weather, without a single overhead cloud-it was a decent weekend to be at Art Printing Works. 

The BLOC Party was an initiative by Bön Estates to seek market research on the new coming generation's preference for their first home. It was an interesting concept to have two actual visible layouts of the property to choose from. 

The Good Co. had two booths at the event; one placed inside The Bön Estates's Craft House and another placed in the Food Festival. Besides The Good Co, we had 10 other participating vendors . To name a few, there was The Mothership food truck, Buncit Bao, Smooshie Juices, Kaki Gori, Someplace Beautiful and Seniman Kakao. The turnout at the food festival was great. Everyone enjoyed their limited edition free samples from the vendors whilst being entertained by an indie rock band, 3AM. 

We jumped onto the Poke Bowl  bandwagon and served our version of it, but VEGAN. Poke Bowl is a simple Hawaiian dish with cubed raw salmon. Since The Good Co. only serves meatless meals-we served sesame wakame, cubed mangos and pineapple on blue organic rice. Don't worry, it was still delicious as the original Poke with salmon.  The sesame wakame offsets the sweet mango and pineapples to give the perfect balance of sweet and savoury. Something to add onto our permanent menu maybe? What are your thoughts? Besides your favourite sandwiches, fruit juices and salad pots-we made mini acai bowls too!! 

Photo 18-07-2017
The BLOC Party
Soul Jar
Poke Bowl

We had a party, the food, the music by 3AM & RYOT Jones and what else to top it off? On the last day of the BLOC Party, we had a couple of interesting group activities such as Beer Yoga and POUND presented by Black & White Fitness. Yes, you heard it right. Beer Yoga. It's the new fitness craze from Germany, combining traditional yoga poses while sipping on cold beer. On the other hand, POUND Fitness was more on the energetic side. Cardio exercises inspired by drumming. Though some moves may look very easy, it was harder than it looked. Shouting and grunting whilst doing the exercises was highly encouraged. 

POUND Fitness
Beer Yoga

Alas, the three days came to an end. Bön Estates invited DJ Terrence to play his beats as a thank you to the participating guests. Albeit the event was somewhat tiring-everyone enjoyed every bit of it from the selection of food to the music and of course, to the free flow of Strongbow.