The Good Team Visits Rumah Hope!

The Good Co. believes in giving back to the community and sharing the importance of healthy eating. To celebrate their 1st year anniversary, The Good Team wanted to hold a short event for the children to learn about healthy eating, and to provide them with a healthy meal.


Rumah Hope is a home for children who have been physically and mentally abused, neglected and under-privileged. The children and are mostly from Gua Musang, and Rumah Hope provides premises for a safe and healthy social environment to those who have sought refuge there. The home provides the opportunity for education and counseling for the young, troubled individuals.


The Good Team put together The Hawaiian sandwiches, enough to feed all the children and staff at the home. The sandwiches were made with organic cranberry bread, grilled pineapples, sunny side up egg, barbequed tempeh, pepper relish, cheddar cheese and TGC healthy mayo chili sauce.


After the sandwiches were given out for everyone to enjoy, The Good Team conducted a fun talk and activities session for the children to learn about making healthy meal choices and issues that stem from unhealthy daily diets. Brand new clothes bought by Levy herself were then given out to them so that they had something to keep for themselves too.


Rumah Hope actively accepts volunteers and donations from all who support and help their cause!


Do drop by their website for more.