Top 7 healthy-life hacking gadgets


Something that I have noticed recently is that because life seems to get a bit crazy around us; work-wise, school-wise, personal-wise and/or social wise. We tend to give up something, not because we want to but because we have to. We all like to think that we are superheroes that can juggle our time properly, but that is never the case. So, the question is "Is there a way that we don't have to give up anything?" Lifestyle websites and others have come up with "life hacks so that we can find shortcuts and tricks that can possible increase productivity and efficiency.

One thing that we seem to give up is a healthy lifestyle and/or eating. We put that thought on the back burner so that we can focus on other things. However, with the creativity of people around the world, they have come up with gadgets that can make our lives so much easier.


Here is the rundown of gadgets I think might help with healthy eating.

1) Spiralizer

I am pretty sure that you guys have been on Pinterest and Instagram and have seen people create new ways to make noodles or pasta so that meals wouldn't be so carb heavy. It also includes people that may be gluten intolerant and want to be gluten free. The biggest advocates for this gadget are actually restaurant chefs, but for those people who may not have the best experience in cooking but want to start cooking at home, it is a good way to eat more vegetables and while people are a bit skeptical about the taste because it may be gluten-free, carb-free, and grain-free it doesn't skimp on the flavor. Rather than thinking of it as giving up something, think about it as replacing something.


2) Bullet

 When bullets first started coming out, everyone jumped on the bandwagon because it seemed like the in-thing to do. Celebrities and internet sensations were endorsing these products, which is obviously the best way to attract a large audience. But, while the trend has seemed to die down a bit, it is quite easy to make smoothies, juices, etc. The good thing about bullets is that everything can be blended in a portable cup so people can just blend it and rather than transfer it to a to-go cup, people can just grab and go.


3) Skillet popcorn

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks to eat any time of day, but unless you are really counting calories which is very unlike me, you don't really realize how much fat and oil is going into your body. Obviously, now there are so many different types of popcorn but if you are counting calories, the best way to do is a skillet popcorn machine. Rather than having to take into account the cooking oil and the corn that may be loaded with preservatives. A skillet popcorn is almost like an air fryer, where it uses hot-air to create corn kernels.


4) Get steamed


Generally, most people shy away from steamed food because there isn't much flavor. However, steamed food generally has the most nutrients because it uses steam heat. Steamers eliminate butter and oil that is used with frying sautéing and grilling. I generally don't eat steamed food until I really have to and I am trying to eat healthy. But, there are so many different types of steamers out there that can also be quite portable.


5) Misty minded

There are obviously essential oils that are needed in the human body, but most restaurants don't really think about the oil they are putting in their body because they are thinking of costs. Even with the essential fatty acids that some oils contain, you want to try and minimize the intake. The best way to control your oil intake, the oil mister is the best for that, you can also add herbs to infuse flavor and you can lightly add it into your dish.


6) Herbal remedy

People are  slowly trying to find ways to healthy flavor their dishes and the best way to do that is by adding fresh herbs. However, the issue with fresh herbs is that they tend to wilt very quickly if left after use. Herbs are a low fat way to make dishes great and with this awesome gadget herbs can last for about 3 weeks when stored in the fridge as fresh as when first used.


7) Mix it up

Finally, everyone thinks that when they eat salad they are eating healthy. But, the real killer is the salad dressing. You can be eating all the leaves in the world, but if you are drowning them it salad dressing you are just eating empty calories. With a salad dressing mixer, you can not only decrease the calorie intake and know what you are putting in your body. But, you can create a salad dressing that you actually enjoy. Just, put in the ingredients that you like and experiment with different creations.