Traveling Veggie: Where to Eat in South East Asia?

I’m no vegetarian, but I know its hard being one because most restaurants or cafes don’t have vegetarian options. I know you feel like, “Argh! Why can’t they be considerate towards us vegetarians and at least have an option for us?!” Well, in the past years I personally feel that there have been more and more people turning into vegetarians and vegans and therefore more vegetarian/vegan friendly cafes have been popping up. It’s a whole new hype and lifestyle now. Being in your own city, I’m sure you’ve familiarized with where your favorite go to cafes would be. But what happens when you’re traveling out of your city? You could ask for suggestions from locals, or you could just google it, but google isn’t exactly the most trusted site. Especially since there’s so many results to choose from! Which one are you gonna go for? Well since our founder Levy is a vegetarian herself, these are some of the cafes that she’s suggested you to try out when you’re traveling across South East Asia! Even if you are not on a vegetarian diet, these recommendation is spot on for health freaks as well. 


Kuala Lumpur

1. The Good Co




What’s interesting about us is our healthy fast food concept where customers can just grab and go their meals from a variety of our salad pots and bento boxes. If they choose not to do that, they can also dine-in the café and enjoy our hot meals as well as our best-seller, the Acai Bowl. We even deliver to you too.

Where: 184, Jalan Maarof, Taman Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Best-seller recommendation: Quinoa Briyani Rendang and Acai Bowl

Instagram: @goodcompany

2. Ashley’s by Living Food


Photo Credits: Ashley's by Living Food Facebook Page 

Despite the fact that people have assumptions about Ashley’s being fully vegetarian, it’s actually not. Ashley is a healthy flexitarian joint which has meat option, so it’s a really great place for both meat lovers and vegans. They’re also really good at putting a healthy twist in our favorite comfort foods.
Where: 11, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Best-seller recommendation: Sarawak Laksa and Quinoa Sushi 

Instagram: @ashleysbylivingfood



1. Whole Earth


Photo Credits: Whole Earth's Facebook Page 


Being one of the biggest names for carrying vegetarian-friendly and organic food in Singapore, the prices of their products are on the slightly higher side. However, the quality of the food makes up for it. It’s not entirely meatless, they still serve meat, but they also have products that are meatless and vegetarian-friendly.
Where: 76 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079331
Best-seller recommendation: Enchanted Forest and Sambal King
Instagram: @wholeearthsg





Photo Credits: Google images 

This place is a Japanese vegetarian concept, serving your typical Japanese dishes such as bento sets with condiments that look like meat, except everything is fully plant based. Which makes this place pretty cool. Portions are large and more than enough for one person, but still for a reasonable price.  

Where: 190 Middle Road, #1-13/14, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188973

Best-seller recommendation: Katsu curry set 

Instagram: @herbivore_sg



1. Nalu Bowls


Photo credits: Google images 

I can really stand for this when I say Nalu bowls is one of the most famous smoothie bowl places in Asia. They've got a few branches in Bali; one of the best ones being in Seminyak because of the great smoothie bowl bar setup that makes it a great place for photo opportunities. The best thing about this branch also is that there's another vegetarian-friendly cafe upstairs, which I'll talk about next. You don't want to miss out on this one. 
Where: Jalan Drupadi 1, No. 2A, Seminyak, 80361 Bali Indonesia
Best-seller recommendation: Mavericks and Uluwatu Bowl

Instagram: @nalubowls



2. Shelter Café


Photo credits: Google images 


Shelter Cafe is actually located just right above Nalu Bowls. They're like sister companies that support each other. Customers who visit Nalu Bowls won't only want to have smoothie bowls, they'd want proper meals and drinks too. So that's when they head up to Shelter Cafe. 
Where: Jalan Drupadi 1, No. 2, Seminyak, 80361 Bali Indonesia
Best-seller recommendation: Quinoa Heaven and Veggie Burger

Instagram: @shelterseminyak



1. Veganarie Concept



Photo credits: Google images

Veganarie concept is a very well designed place with a great concept. Other than just trying their savory dishes, their vegan desserts are a must to try! Their menu has such a large variety of dishes to choose from, you'll go crazy and you'll never be bored trying out new things every time you visit. 
Where: Soi Methi Niwet, Klong Ton, Klong Teoy 10110 Bangkok, Thailand
Best-seller recommendation: Raw Pad Thai and Vegan Fried Chicken Waffle

Instagram: @veganerie



2. Broccoli revolution


Photo credits: Google images

First and foremost, the layout of the place is absolutely stunning and breath-taking. Food is great and atmosphere is calming with the lushful green interior, its like an escape from the city.
Where: 899 Sukhumvit Road, Klong-Nua, Vaddhana, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand
Best-seller recommendation: Green Curry Quinoa Bowl and Artichoke Lasagna

Instagram: @broccolirevolution