We are all selfish one way or another, we feel that our time is ours and are all so busy with our lives that we don’t really stop and think about the people that have more problems than we do. I was having a conversation with someone the other day and he mentioned that he doesn’t do charity because he has a lot of problems in his life that he wants to sort out first before he could think about anyone else. Unfortunately, that is the way that most of us think and we live in our own little bubble.

What we don’t realize is that there are so many people around the world that have it way worse than us and even if we do think about it, we don’t know what we can do to help. We don’t know that if we donate money, will it actually go to the cause? If we were asked to donate our time, we would most likely say that we don’t have time because we are so busy with our own lives.This past weekend, The Good Co along with Malaysia Tatler and Epic Homes took part in something that I can say will change our lives one way or another. We were privileged to be a part of a charity build where we built a house for an Orang Asli family that truly deserved it. Obviously, throughout the process there were ups and downs, but ultimately all those downs went away when we saw the smiles on the family’s faces.

We had to wake up bright and early on Thursday morning August 31st to head off to the build site. For everyone who knows me, they know that I am not a morning person unless I have had my coffee, but our wonderful Experience Coordinators or ECs as we called them provided us with breakfast and coffee so that we were wide awake to start the build straight away at Kampung Orang Asli Serendah.

When we arrived at the site, we were led by one of our ECs, Damon in a warm up. So that we wouldn’t cramp up throughout the day.

We were then split up into our different groups so that we could divide and conquer. Team Good Co was actually split up into all 4 different groups that were Team Roof, Team Structure, Team Floor, and Team Wall. We had our debriefs and we were off to work! Well, since I was on Team Roof, my real work didn’t start until the next day so it was a day of prep.

The structure team worked so hard the first day to get the structure for the house erect. Our very own Gavin Li was part of that group and worked hard.Once the structure was done, we could start adding the “meat” of the house and things just seemed to move quickly and diligently.

I am one of those people that like to see the good in people and this weekend was the best opportunity for that. All of us could have easily said no because we want to celebrate the long weekend, in my opinion we did celebrate the long weekend but in a completely different way.

Everyone that took part in this will probably agree with me when I say that it made my heart so happy when I saw the smile of the homeowner's face along with his family. When we handed him the house, he made a speech and something he said really stuck with me. He said that we did not just create a home for him, we created a palace.  A place where his family can live with him and be happy without the fear of living in dangerous conditions. We sometimes take for granted the things that we have and I personally call them "first world problems"  Sometimes it is good to think about what other people may not have that we do and be grateful for everything.

We all worked so well together and produced an amazing result. I am so proud of everything that came for the build.  WE DID IT GUYS!

We would like to deliver a special shoutout to Founder of Epic Homes John-Son Oei, our ECs, our specialists, our Master Builder, our guardian angels for looking out for us and guiding us through this whole experience so we didn't get hurt too bad, and to Malaysia Tatler for inviting Team Good Co. to participate in this experience of a lifetime.