Our Story

We are a team of passionate people who aim to improve everyone's quality of life through healthier living. The Good Co. advocates healthy living through mindful eating with honest food.

We believe that our body deserves to be nourished with natural healthy ingredients and detoxed from meat overload. Thus, we only serve plant-based products and we source our meatless ingredients as organic as it can be from the freshest suppliers in town. Our products contain no preservatives, no artificial colouring, and no refined sugar.

We strongly believe the choices we make about "what we eat", "where it comes from", and "how it is prepared" have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, communities, and the environment.

The Good Co. aim to provide tasty yet healthy food option for those whose daily life is constantly on the run. Our products are prepared fresh daily and pre-packed in the most convenient way for you to indulge on the go.