Food With A Purpose

 1.  Where is The Good Co. located?

The Good Co. café is located inside Bon Estates Gallery at 184, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

2. What type of food does The Good Co. offer?

The Good Co. offers food that is completely plant-based, flavorful and delicately tailored to suit Malaysian taste buds. They are promised to be healthy, tasty and made with all natural ingredients, especially superfoods. The Good Co. sources its plant-based ingredients from organic suppliers and obtains its supply daily to assure freshness in all its ingredients. All of The Good Co.’s products contain no preservatives, no additives, no artificial coloring, flavoring and no refined sugar. 

 3. Why meatless?

Our bodies deserve to be detoxed from meat overload. Based on internet research, Malaysia has one of the highest meat consumption in the Asia Pacific which represents differently from the healthy living food pyramid guide, showing half of one’s daily diet should actually consist of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains.

Also, through The Good Co., you will be able to play your part to save the planet for a better environment and to show love and compassion for animals. Furthermore, you’d be able to do your body a favor by detoxing and eating healthily. 

4. Is The Good Co. vegan or vegetarian?

 The Good Co. is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Due to many types of meatless diets and allergy restrictions out there, they try their best to cater to all kinds.

 5. Is The Good Co. halal?

The Good Co. is a vegan / vegetarian restaurant and all raw products are sourced from certified halal suppliers. A Muslim chef runs the kitchen and the company is in the process of applying for an official halal certification.

6. How long can The Good Co.'s food last?

The food produced by The Good Co. are all made fresh just before it is delivered and is made with no preservatives, so food that has been opened should be consumed immediately. If there is the need to refrigerate extras, do consume within 3 days

7. Is The Good Co. related to Bon Estates?

Bon Estates is a boutique developer that emphasis their developments on healthy and sustainable living concept. The Good Co. is their healthy lifestyle partner.